I am king. I am king! Do you hear? I AM KING!

King? Hmm..

‘What makes you a king?’ James asked. ‘When does a sheep become a king?’

‘You might be surprised, grey sheep,’ the king said. ‘Many sheep think I am king because I hold a king’s scepter. But that does not make one a king. Because if the scepter gets stolen, I am still a king. And if I forget to hold it, for example if I have to go pee, I am still a king. Even when I am asleep, I am king. But it’s not the scepter.’

‘Is it the red velvet pillow then, that you are sitting on?’ James asked. He had never seen a king before. And because of this royal declaration he even thought of what would constitute a sheep. He is a sheep, but because of what actually..

‘No, it’s not the cushion that I sit on. The thing gets washed from time to time, and if it’s in the dryer, I am still king. Also when others use the cushion that does not make them king. It’s not a cushion that makes one a king.’

‘And in case you should ask, it’s also not the crown that I wear that makes me king. Because you can imagine this gives for horrible nights if I would have to wear the thing, because I like to sleep on my side. And if I noddingly agree with somesheep, the thing even falls off.’

‘Then I am out of questions’, James said. ‘Because if you keep saying that what does NOT make a king, I can go all day.’

‘Oh, but wait a minute, just one more question,’ James said.

And James sat with the king. That was his question. To sit with the king.

And because James sat with the king, he did not notice the ears of the king. Otherwise he would have asked whether the golden inside of the ears made him king.

And then he could have said that being a king doesn’t have anything to do with what you wear, hold or sit on. It’s all about attitude. Sheepitude, or in his case, kingsitude.