Sheep know no shame. And why should they? They have nothing to be ashamed for, so they know no shame. So if a sheep hides, it’s probably more because she wants to play more than anything else. (And yes, her hoof is dirty, long story, that will remain unpublished).

Sheep find a lot of joy in life, regardless of where they are. And that is because joy comes from within. It has got nothing to do with the availability of toilet paper. It has got nothing to do with flowers on your shoes. It has got nothing to do with color in your hair. Joy comes from within you, and therefore you can take it wherever you go, because wherever you go, there you are!

And this sheep joyfully played with life.

Giggling her way through some rolls of toilet paper.

Rejoicing yourself is something you can do while you are taking a poo even. You can rejoice while making breakfast you don’t like. Because it’s better than no breakfast. You can rejoice when a train arrives late. Because it’s better than no arrival.

And this sheep takes toilet paper to play with, but it might as well have been green plants. Or by messing up her hair. Or by making that call to somesheep you know will chipper you up a little. Because joy comes from friendsheep too.

We for example, we find joy in looking at sheep’s bums.

We cannot help it. There is something terribly cute about that. And it’s not nice to stop and stare, that’s why we only stare, and then quickly continue with the next picture.

“Hehehehe, you can’t find me now, I am totally hidden in joy!”

Yes sweetie, you certainly are.