‘Potamotrygorgeous? Will you help me with something? I know that the store nearby had these seeds for give-away. And somesheep really had a bunch of them. And gave them to me..’

Say no more, we thought, let’s do this. We did it last year and our sheep needed only the smallest help, so this will be a breeze too.

‘Got more? I don’t know if all the seeds will fit in one.’

Yes, we got two.

Here are your seeds, sweetie.

‘Aaaah, will you do it for me? Just the first one,.. aaaaaah?’

We will do one for you, so you can see how it’s done.

‘And you mean I then gotta do all these myself?’

‘I do like this first one..’

‘Will you do another one?’

‘Or three..’

‘I wonder..’

‘Will you do ’em all?’

We can do that. And we will. But you could have asked from the beginning, sneaky sheepy.. We still find you cute though.

‘I love this! This is the best collaboration ever. Me providing seeds, and Potamotrygorgeous planting them.’

‘I wonder how many seeds there will be.’

And when they will sprout!