This blog is about sheep. If there is about to be one sheep missing, you leave all that are well behind to go bring that lost one home, right? And if there is injustice, you do something, right? Even if you do not know his name, right?

Okay then. This sheep has a name. Clinton Young.

He is sentenced to death for two murders he did not commit and time is running out on setting the record straight on that, or to at least give him a fair trial. Wanna get caught up? Here’s a short overview.. the scene.. five guys in a car, one guy gets shot, all other three guys point to this one guy in the front seat who supposedly did it. Clinton. That’s easy, right, three to one. Guilty.

Then later that day another guy gets shot. Now it’s just Clinton and codefendant David Page at the scene, and the dead guy. And again Clinton gets the fingers pointed towards. Sounds logical, he did it the first time, so why not go on that killing spree, right?

But.. what if we were to tell you this:

Victim one has been shot in the left of his head. Clinton was sitting on his right in the car.
If Clinton was the shooter, the bullets would have entered on the right side of the victim’s head. And they did not enter from that side. The bullets entered on the left side.
From where the bullets entered the victim’s head, the shooter would have been behind him, on the left. That was where codefendant David Page was at the time the shots were fired.

There is evidence that codefendant Page bragged to another inmate about how he got away with murder (on victim number two), but this inmate was obstructed to testify on Clinton’s behalf. This evidence was kept from court.

There is no DNA or fingerprints found that point to Clinton. The DNA in the glove that has the gun powder on it matches the DNA of codefendant David Page.

There is evidence indicating Page failed a lie detector test, where he falsely denied having anything to do with the shooting. This evidence was kept from court.

There is evidence that David Page signed a plea deal to get his sentence reduced if he would say Clinton was the shooter. This evidence was kept from court. Page later admitted that a plea deal was offered. Jurors say that if they had known about this, they would have given a different verdict for Clinton.

The statements of the three codefendants contradicted each other on crucial points and changed multiple times during the trial (who was holding guns, who was sitting where). Clinton version of events is absent.

A specialist hired to Clinton’s team was high on crack during her plea (there is official evidence for this).

One codefendant has admitted under oath that he killed one of the victims, for which he received 15 years imprisonment. And still, Clinton gets charged with double murder.

Clinton’s time is running out, he can be put to death any day now. Ne NEEDS help. We never do this, because this blog is about sheep, but this all just does not add up, and knowing about this makes us feel responsible, and so are you now: do something, you read this, you know about this now. You know his name. His name is Clinton. Do something. At the moment money is needed for top specialists who are trying to get the case reopened, and they need all the financial help they can get. If you ever wondered what you can do with that 1 euro coin that doesn’t buy you bread any more, please deposit it at

The Clinton Young Foundation
NL 66 INGB 0006 5173 29

And if you decided for yourself that his year you would do something for somesheep else, just because you care about others, or that you want to make a difference this year, please donate to:

The Clinton Young Foundation
NL 66 INGB 0006 5173 29

And if you can’t think of a reason why not to help a fellowsheep out who is in need,  just donate to:

The Clinton Young Foundation
NL 66 INGB 0006 5173 29

If you are or speak Dutch, you can watch the documentary here: Deal met de dood

An English translation is hopefully released shortly.