‘I did the right thing.’

‘There is never a way of knowing except for just deciding that I did the right thing.’ 

‘So happy that I wrote the card.’

‘It’s as if when you give words to love, they multiply, like two hearts on a not-soboyish-pink-postcard.’

‘Oh gosh darn, I forgot something! Cards have this character of wanting to be mailed. That I forgot!’

‘What now? Send a new card?’

Sure sweetie. We can give you a new card.. but if we may suggest something..

‘Oh this one is gorgeous too. I love it! It’s almost the same kind of love I feel for.. err.. nah.. privacy.. ‘

‘What does it remind me of now, can’t seem to put my finger on it, I’ve seen such a thing before.. But the same way one does need to have truly loved before to love, so also I am perfectly fine with not remembering where I have seen stones before.’

But maybe Jomo did not remember. We did.

Stones from Bornholm. Denmark. That is where we have seen stones before.

‘Ah yes, that was it. The best contradiction in life. Stone cold heart of warm love. Hard as a rock. Lasting ever.’

‘Leave no stone unturned when it comes to reaching that love, huh.’

‘Would be so cool if I could mail this one too, this is nature’s message to mähkind.’

‘It even fits in me, see?’

‘And if it’s gone, there is this heart shaped hole in me, see?’

‘Yeah, I am going to write this letter too.’

‘Because if all you have going for you is love..’

‘… you’re on a wonderful road.’