I read somewhere that when there is not yet a name for a feeling, all you are left with is describing history.

And when you describe history, you repeat it. If you are doing it the wrong way, that is. So we need words to describe a feeling. To get ahead.

I finally have a word for how I feel. Do you know Newton’s Cradle? That is how I feel.

I feel the middle ball, that suffers because of the forces around it. Being pushed by the left ball, but unable to move myself, and being forced to give that borrowed or stolen energy to the ball on my right, which I then see moving. I want to be that moving ball, but I am stuck in the middle, forced by two opposing energies. And I can’t move. That is how I feel.

If it weren’t for me in the middle, the opposites couldn’t even exist, or move, but if they didn’t move, I would be left without energy,.. but then again.. if they were there, they would do exactly what I wanted to do, they play out what is inside me. The only thing I can do is watch. And be motionless on the outside. That is how I feel. The middle ball of a moving Newton’s Cradle. Oh, a scarf!

I could use something like this. To keep me warm or something. Or busy.

I make scarfs look good.


I look darn good, wearing a green scarf like this.

Luckily there is also more to life than scarfs to keep each other warm.

Other sheep with scarfs!