A parcel came.

And when parcels arrive, you can set your clock to the second that sheep will come and take a look.

Second two. See?



Luckily sheep see the value in everything, so Dean was happy with the stamp. He saw it for what is worth, it’s not just a stamp, it’s the symbol of a friendsheep overseas. 

Or Dean just liked sticky things on his hoofs. Or he liked the impossibility of the number thirty-five.

Sheebo was more interested in the hemp looking wrapping paper. He had been online a little too much lately and had seen all this chocolate online with cannabis in it. Did he get a hold of our mähstercard again and order himself weird things?

More green,.. the sender sure was smart to pack it like this, Sheebo said, so customs wouldn’t get suspicious. It smells of nothing, good, good.

See? Smart. Only forgot to put the K behind it. No biggie, Sheebo thought.

Oh, I am beyond happy with this, Sheebo sighed. I think that if death was ever to be born in my life, I’d be happy dying right this minute. Oh, the green!

Just in case, Sheebo took a look inside, to make sure customs didn’t eat away at his heaven.

Nah, I’m good, it’s still all wrapped. This is bliss!

But when Sheebo was beyond himself and took a shot to heaven, the box sneaked away from him and showed who he really was.


We don’t know this thing, Dean and Logan said. Pink? Flowers? Is it a girly chocolate? We call her it at!

No, you guys, now you forgot that K again, it’s kitkat. Or as sheep say: mih mäh.