All this time, sheep remembered, all this time there was a longing. A specific longing. For vinding the off-button. Vinding with an f of course, but then again.. findicated would look too strange. Sheep tried a number of things. Alcohol. It turned out to be a good switch to disconnect. But it turned also out to be a disconnection with sheepself. Drugs had the same effect. It made sheep realize once more that society’s choice of language is largely to blame for our second mistake.

The more ways sheep had to connect, the more sheep wanted to shake off this desperate feeling to unplug. It reminded sheep of what society also almost always gives as first answer to a technical problem: have you tried unplugging the device? If no, then just do that for a couple of thirty seconds or so, plug it back in, and chances are that everything works just fine again.

Could it be that simple, sheep thought. We are so tied up in our umbilical cords, hanging on to devices, swinging from cord to cord, from device to device, wall socket to computer, to USB to hard disc, to ear plugs, to speakers, to chargers, to.. To what? Others? Life? Would you unplug your loved one on life support to charge your own?

Connection is good, sheep thought. But what we have is not connection. We lack intimacy if the only thing we have between us is a thumb press on the space bar of a keyboard, which leaves an image of a thumb on a flat screen. It’s exactly the bar that created that space. And the screen adds to the segregation. We can go about for days not laughing out loud, but we can type lol. We are disconnecting from ourselves like this. And this leaves ample room to fill with others.

I want you to do something, sheep said. I want you to unplug yourself. Find out where the cords are in your life. Pull them out. Press every switch in the house. If something is on, turn it off. If it’s off, turn it on. Turn every key. Open closed doors. And then do this one thing for me. Write every letter in a word in a sentence beginning from the opposite side you would normally start writing it.