What if you go and play hide and seek, not as a child, not in your memory, but in real life. And you go hide and seek in the past?

McSleepy wanted to try this out, because he could not believe that.

They say that when you are born, everything goes forward. You grow bigger, you learn new things, forget old things, it’s like with the ages you put on, there is another layer added to you.

But.. what happened is not gone just because you are not in that situation again. Maybe there are pictures, maybe there are memories..

There is physical memory of you once being somewhere. Maybe a part of you remembers the smell, the sounds, the structure, the colors..

And if you do remember these things, you also know there was a time and place where you hadn’t experienced these things yet.

So there was a smaller you.

A smaller you waiting to be born. Sleeping in sweetness. In softness. In bright colors. In anticipation.

And because you were so small, you couldn’t yet grasp of how much you were wanted already. Because that was such a big concept, and when you grow up it can sometimes still be a big concept, a big sleep fell over you. Because some growing goes best when asleep. At least you’re not distracted by stuff.

And during that sleep you go back to this state called: before.

You grow smaller.

And smaller. 

And smaller.

So small untill the space is big enough for you to stand in, and to fully grasp this thing called love. Because this is your space. This is your special place, where you can always go back to, be it physical -when asleep- or in real life, in your mind.

And if you wake up – or are done, you can just get up and leave this place.

Because outside isn’t that bad either.

You have all these memories.

Surrounding you.

Memories of all ages.