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Jomo is sitting. One might even say Jomo is sitting tight. In that case one would think that he is waiting patiently.

Or perhaps you’d say Jomo is just sitting by. In that case one would assume that Jomo sees something happen and chooses to do nothing about it. He remains passive and doesn’t take action, well.. lifting a hand.

Jomo is still sitting, but this time things are not sitting well with him because these insinuations makes him feel uncomfortable. Slightly offended even.

What will he do? Sit it out? Will he choose to not participate in something?

Or will he sit up and take notice of what’s about to happen, suddenly becoming alert and paying attention to the next line of this idiot idiom story?

Ah yes, he’s taking a stand. He is going to publicly express his opinion, maybe it is even a controversy that he will comment on.

Oops, a little wobbly at first, could it be that he has no leg to stand on? Will he come up with logical points in this debate?

Stand tall sweetie. Stand up straight.

There you go. Finally standing tall, proud and all. Now what was it that you wanted to say?

This is getting out of hand!

I mean, I am not a second hand sheep here, you know.

Hands down, this has to be the weirdest thing I have experienced in at least four hours. And I like to take matters in my own hands now.

Because I know that, with you guys, I am in good hands.

I mean, you know me like the back of your or eh.. my hand.
Anybody? Can anybody give me a hand here? I would like to sit down, my feet are killing me..