Once there was a sheep. Two sheep actually. And an empty plastic container. You can debate if it still is a container when it doesn’t contain anything, but hey, for debate’s sake, let’s call it a container for now. And two sheep. One on the left. And one on the right.

‘Did you know..’ left sheep said, ‘that humans have this saying..’


‘They don’t look at a container like we do, they see it for what it contains.’

‘And it’s either empty, full, or half of that.’

‘But when it’s full of nothing, is it then empty?’

Right sheep heard what was said and replied: ‘but how do they call the half of full or empty?’

‘Is it then half full?’

‘Or half empty?’

‘That is the weird thing with humans’, right sheep continued. ‘Because they choose to have different angles from which they can look at things, they think they have a basis for distinguishing between them.’

‘Apparently there exist humans that consistently say the glass is half full, when others would classify that glass as half empty. Can you give me a hand here by the way?’

‘Both are looking at it from a wrong angle.’


Be gentle now, you guys, you just had your fur done!


‘As I was saying, humans are wrong when it comes to judging things that are empty. Or full. Think about it; they can’t even destroy the littlest slither of a quark, so how can we trust them to have any saying about other stuff.’

‘Well yeah, they can have a saying, but that’s exactly what that word saying also implies. I’m just sayin’..’

‘Could you just give a little more effort please?’

And because the right sheep was trying to prove a point, the left sheep helped him in the empty plastic container. Luckily it was empty, otherwise the sheep would not have fit.

‘Here is my point,’ left sheep said. Even Potamotrygorgeous is getting it all wrong, seeing it from a human angle alone. I was left sheep when we started all of this, right? Am I still left sheep now that I am in the plastic container? Can we change names at this point and still make this story comprehensible?’

‘Hmm.. even turning the container doesn’t make it any better.’ What was sheep to do.

Was it really about a glass being half full? Or half empty? Or seeing things UP again? You know, life from the other side of that grass, things like that. Green and all.

Left sheep was confused. He was still called left sheep, but he wasn’t the one in the container. And suddenly his confusion told him that this story was about something else; empty and full cans. Right sheep was trying to get a point across, now what was it?

‘Hey, sheep in the container, can you still talk like this, I’d love to know your opinion about the half full, half empty glass in life, how or why humans see this wrong and how sheep see it.’

‘It is not about what the eyes see,’ sheep then said. ‘It’s all about the heart. Find your glass in life and fill it to the rim, and drink it empty and say cheers to life, for you cannot life that half either.’