‘Wanna know something really cool? I met a girl!’, James said.

You too??

‘Yeah, but mine is better. For sure.’

Oh cool, mine too!


Okay, when in doubt, you guys, don’t fight it out.
Just make a cube, and when you do go down to business, use lube.

Sheebo chose some manly colors for his girl.
James chose some girly colors for his girl.
Or we could suffice to say that both sheep got three pieces of paper.

And both sheep went at it. They heard something with lube and were all geared up for that.

‘You have to fold it four times smaller, Sheebo,’ James said,’ and then you turn it around and fold it smaller again.’

But while James was folding it again some smaller, Sheebo was at a loss. He was thinking about this girl he met. He wondered what would be her name. How she would smell after she grazed in the meadow on a Friday misty morning. He was curious to find out the sound of her beating. Her height. The thickness of her wool.

‘Look, like this!’, James said. ‘Ready for my second one.’

Sheebo remembered the dream he had, where he had first snuggled up after eating a lot, and he meant really a lot of cake, really a lot, oh sheepness, he shouldn’t have had that cake, because boy once you have a piece of that frosting, the cake somehow starts to talk to you and says eat me, have me, have your way with me, devour me.

‘Hihi, I can relate to the eat me part’,  James said naughty. He was in a world of his own, and it concerned lube, and oh yes, devouring was part of it, having it a certain way, yes. But he was wise enough not to say those things out loud, since he had the girly colors, and when you have the girly colors, you just fold.

‘My girl is the best baker in the world,’ Sheebo sighed.
‘Mine is better, she’s not only the baker, but the cake too, she is just a sweetie pie,’ James said.

‘Hmm. I’m done with competing’, and Sheebo turned around. ‘Stupid chore.’

But James just didn’t know how to quit.

And when he was done, he didn’t know what to do!

‘Can I give you a hand? Shall I give you a hand? Need some help?’ James said.

James knew the power of words. He knew the power of asking. And he knew that Sheebo was still so high on sugar that he needed to hear this question three times. ‘Eh,.. okay..’ he said.

‘Hey man, it’s not a competition indeed, I am sorry, I didn’t know what came over me, it’s the girly colors that made me all crazy I guess, and then the folding commenced. But I will control myself from now on, I will help you if you let me?’
Sheebo was all up for that!

And when the two sheep started their second cube half, something happened. Sheebo found out he is not that good at colored papers. And James found out he is good at colored papers. And there is no need for the two of you to be good at the exact same thing. Sheebo was enjoying James immensely, just watching him have fun. And James found out he felt comfortable being so passionate around Sheebo.

Just two more, and we’re done.

Just one more!


‘I don’t think we’re really done’, Sheebo said, ‘because Potamotrygorgeous said something about using lube?’

‘Maybe we understood it wrong, and it was glue, because how are we going to stick these colors together?’

‘Hey, wait a minute, there are all of these openings here, if I put this yellow thingie.. just hold what you have, and I’m gonna see if I can squeeze this thing..’

‘Yeah, that can go right here. And the pink would be perfect for the occasion as well.’

‘I like how this is looking, nice and firm, curvy.’

And when Sheebo and James thought the camera wasn’t on, they exchanged a friendly sheepy kiss. Behind a manly color. Of course.

Oh, this is way cool, I think this is the last one, just put it in!’

The sheep were so busy that they forgot they were making all these puns.

They were just making a cube.

They forgot about their girls.

They did something that was more important today.

And that was bond, in friendship.

No lube required.

Just some colored pieces of paper. Three manly colors and three girly colors.


‘Just three pieces of paper each, Pota, that would be information enough.’