Does knowledge bring you joy? Think about it. Knowing about sheep.. does it bring you joy? I mean truly? I mean really? I mean fully? I mean lastly? Or does it bring joy to actually experience the presence of sheep? Of me, that is?

I mean, tell me, how satisfying today was your yesterdays’ supper? We only have the memory of that pleasure, but the pleasure itself is gone, right? Pleasure can’t be accumulated to produce everlasting satisfaction. It’s momentary at best, and causes guilt and shame at worst. I tell you, fellow sheep, stop trying to know. Start to experience. Experience the presence of me. Otherwise life will be a building not built of bricks, but of why and why be. And if you walk around that bricked corner, you eventually will start lengthening that question, making it why be, if everything that is going to happen to you is that you will cease to be?

‘What’s that?’

It was another sheep. It appeared dead. Or asleep. Or just not alive.

Should Sheebo try CPR? But in sheepology, what would this abbreviation stand for? Humans are no sheep. Nor the other way around. So we had a three word gap in our experience. What would CPR stand for? Would it give off the impression of a calming powerful rejuvination? Or would be a comforting pleasurable refreshing? Would it give close protective respect? Or cheerful positive relief? Was it caring peaceful rosiness? Hmm.. rosiness.. Rosa?

Sheebo knew how to get sheep up and about. This is not true for all sheep, though, only when your name is Sheebo, and only if you happen to know CPR. Or at least the meaning of it, because knowing words will get you nowhere if you don’t know how to use them. Or where. The first thing you do, is to get them up, grab ’em by the ears.

Then you grab sheep by the paws.

Then you try get sheep more upright by squeezing her between your own hoofs.

Like this.

Then if the head is still a bit wobbly, you grab that.

Double check.

And.. you’re good! You got sheep restored! If you are lucky, sheep will start talking soon. You can prompt this a bit further by asking weird questions, like

1 what is your unjust disadvantage?
2 will you plan to replace passive self-pity with active courage?
3 do you agree that a compulsive gambler is not focused on winning, but on playing?
4 if you know there was a promise, where do you go for the delivery?

These questions will scramble the brain and usually will lead to some noise. Usually it’s a variation of the mah-sound. From there you can take it up a notch.


What you can do then, is let sheep find a sheep for herself.

She will look at it and marvel. You can see she’s not ready to o CPR yet.

But if you help her, in the same loving way she hovers over this sheep..

She will become a bigger herder than you. And no compliment is greater than that.