Sheep had picked up this book filled with lies, unknowingly. Because on the back it didn’t say that it were lies, he believed them to be truths. The book didn’t even say it was pregnant with mere speculations, or theories, or doodles of the mind of one man who was constipated, desperately longing for giving birth to dead defecations. One of the things that the book read was something he already had heard say all around him, so widely spread,.. it was the phrase ‘seeing is believing’.

He thought about the last time he talked about this amazing freshly green meadow he had visited, but other sheep didn’t believe him. Pics or it didn’t happen, they said. But Sheebo didn’t carry a cell phone. And even if he did, he would have uploaded the stuff on Instamäh and he didn’t know how to do that. Or, the other day when he mentioned this girl sheep he met. They didn’t believe she even existed! They wanted to see her themselves. Sheebo wondered if they would have believed it if they did meet her, they’d probably grill her (figuratively of course), and even then disbelieve her answer if she would confirm that she was his date.

He then thought about the impact of numbers. When he visited this amazing freshly green meadow, he was accompanied by other sheep, nineteen to be exact, because the story said that twenty sheep went to check it out. Would you believe that eighteen of them stood next to him, in that meadow, infirmly shuffling their hoofs in the soft sand saying “eh, yeah, this sure is amazing, and fresh, and green, and meadow, but eh.. I don’t think we’re supposed to be here.. because uhm.. have you seen the other animals? They probably will not allow us to graze here, they don’t look all that friendly, have you seen the size of ’em? Nah, this is a bad idea, let’s just go back.”

‘What’s with the doubt, Sheebo uttered. The fear!? The self-depreciation? This is the meadow we were supposed to graze in! The herder said it was ours!’

But the other sheep bowed their heads, closed their ears and went back. Upon coming back, they convinced the whole flock that the meadow was green all right, fresh all right, amazing all right, they even handed out some of the clover that they had taken with them, but they then added a but, saying it wasn’t for them to graze in the meadow because of the animals. The whole flock then bowed their heads in defeat (or it was to eat some clover that was lying around, we’re not sure).

But the herder promised! some little sheep bleated from underneath her mother. She didn’t have a name yet, but she did have a voice. She bleated softly: He is our herder, why would he lead us astray?

‘You haven’t been there, the eighteen sheep said quickly to her, you haven’t seen it, so it’s understandable that you don’t believe us. And you can’t understand at all, because you’re so young. But believe us, you don’t wanna go there.’

Huh, the little ewe said, philosophically speaking that doesn’t even make sense, what these eighteen sheep just said. And she turned to Sheebo: you saw the same thing as they did, you and your girlsheep, but somehow you saw something different, how can that be?

Sheebo answered: consider this, little mäh, if on your online bank account it shows you have 100 dollar, you know you would have 100 dollars to spend, right? Oh, wait, let’s use a healthier example.. if your herder would tell you that he promises to feed you, what would you do?

The little mäh was a little bit confused. ‘Eh, open my mouth?’ The question Sheebo asked was so simple that she doubted this would be the right answer. Come to think of it, that clover sure tasted good, she wondered if there was more.. but just in case she would look like a dork, she kept her mouth shut..       

Sheebo said: Yes, you would open your mouth because you knew he promised food. You didn’t open your mouth because you saw food, right?

Well, sweetie. the same thing with this meadow. The two of us, me and my girly mäh, saw not through our own eyes, but through the eyes of the promise. Oh, and thank you by the way for believing that I have a girlmäh.

Would you by the way like to see the drawing I made for her?

I would!

This is the drawing, it belongs to a story in the book of truth, it is about those twenty sheep I just told you about. We were promised this meadow, but even when we took back some of the finest clover to prove the promise, many wouldn’t believe us.

‘Well, maybe this will convince them then, the little mäh said, ‘since they live by the seeing-is-believing-lie. Now they have read the story, the story about the story, in the book of truth, with a real picture of a real drawing.’

And if you want, I can help you with that instamäh account..

This sheep story is based on a true story