(based on a true story)

Hey ewe!

I am not a sheep, Gustav replied, I am a goat.

Oh, sorry dude. I thought you could only hear my words, and not see how they are actually written. Can I start again please? Hey you.

Hey sheep. What’s up? You finished with that story yet? The one on the power of words?

As a matter of mäh, that’s what I came to talk to you about. It’s barely pacing along, I mean, if light could stand still, as the sun stood still once, or her beams didn’t fade, then I would say it’s at the speed of light. Or if all the effort could be packed in a backpack, then I’d say.. it.. is.. dragging.. along.. Or if you’re looking for a shorter answer: help!

Gustav asked what the biggest issue was, because when you get that out of the way (or at least mentioned), things may clear up. Sheep explained that he did not quite understand why sometimes words have more impact than othertimes, that they change meaning when they change lips. He tried to give examples..

I had this gift certificate for twenty dollars for Mäh Donalds, sheep said, but I didn’t go there, and instead tried selling it to somesheep, but he offered me ten dollars. When I said it’s worth twenty, he replied: to whom? So apparently worth is not a fixed thing, even not when it’s written on paper.

And the other day when I went grazing in Elsa’s meadow (no pun intended), I was called a trespasser, although I think tresgrassing is a better term here,.. but anyways, I was called a tresgrasser and got a fine! I mean, it’s just a piece of paper, with a number written on it, but because he was this big shot and handed it to me, suddenly I had to pay. I mean, why can’t I also just go around collecting money from grasspassers? Same piece of paper, same number written on it, but useless coming from me.

Gustav paused for a second. He hoped that the examples wouldn’t be all about money, for he knew there are more valuable things in life, like words. Also he dozed off in a fantasy, picturing grazing at Elsa’s. He had heard that she truly has greener stuff on her side, and he would have taken that ticket any day! Boy, did she have the finest clover and buttercups. Woah, fill me up, buttercup!

But Gustav remained silent. Not all things that are inside a goat should be exposed.

Sheep said: there is this book, you know, it’s about a herder of sheep, and there is this one story, before he starts herding, where he gets attacked by this, eh, let’s call it a wolf or something, he is not really described. But apparently he talks, and he attacks, verbally. He tempts. Entices. And when this herder replies, he starts with ‘it is written’. So I am thinking .. on a piece of paper? But, if the other one doesn’t accept it as such, or devalues it, or whatever..  but then the story goes further, because there are three times this is uttered.. it is written.. and then this wolf retreats! He could have easily disagreed with the word, but he didn’t! Why is that?

Because he has read the same book, little sheepie. He is even in it. Here’s a kiss to bless you.

Shall we end the story now?

The story is written, case closed. It is written!

This sheep story is based on a true story