Once upon a time there was a plant..

Whut? A plant? No sheep?

Okay.. once upon a time there was a plant and a sheep.

Whut? No girl involved?

Okay.. once upon a time there was a plant, a sheep and a girl involved.

Whut? No elder?

No. No elder. Just a plant and two young sheep, male and female. It was perfect. The plant had just decided to grow. Little did he know, for he was still little himself, that he would grow out to be this marvelous big plant. He was called a Monstera, but we didn’t say that out loud, because his little understanding might have misheard that to be Monster, and nobody, nosheep -and noplant- wants to grow out to become a monster, with or without it being written with a capital.

The two little sheep knew the plant was growing, although they didn’t see him do it. They trusted the process of sun combined with food and water. They also breathed on the plant, to give it nitrogen, in return the plant gave them oxygen.

And when they were discovering growth and life, they had fun. It was a rare occasion that they had been around green like this, the only thing green that was close by, were the slippers of the boy sheep. But those were frog slippers, with eyes, and those have little to do with Monstera plants.

The girl sheep giggled, as she breathed on the plant. The boy sheep tried watching the plant grow. But he also noticed something else..

Because when breathing out, the girl sheep accidentally breathed onto the nose of the boy sheep. He felt a slight breeze of sweetness coming in. It reminded him of that time he dreamt that the herder was making apple pie and sprinkled this softest vanilla dust onto him. He didn’t really understand why that was, and he tried asking, but the dream did not reply. Vanilla.. sweetness.. warm apple.. breathe..

Hey girl, whatcha doing? The girl sheep just fell over all of a sudden. Or wasn’t it an accident? Did the girl sheep also know about the vanilla dust? Did she have the same dream? Was she the apple pie? His apple pie? The boy sheep got a little confused. He came to watch the plant grow, but now he felt something else eh.. come alive shall we say?

Hey.. you really don’t want an elder to enter the picture here? I am getting a little worried, with all the breathing going on, stuff growin’..

No.. we can manage, we promise.. to be good..

And they kept their promise. They were good. Good breathers.

They breathed in turns. The girl sheep breathed on the boy sheep. Then the boy sheep breathed on the girl sheep.

I know why they call things heaven, the boy sheep said. It is for vanilla dust moments like this. Just breathe, baby girl. Breathe on me, and never leaf me.