Couch sheep should change his name to bed sheep. Sheep sometimes do that. And the reason for the name change is when they change location, or purpose. But although sheep is not on the couch any more, but on the bed, he still wants to be called couch sheep. And who are we to argue that. As long as he’s here, we’re fine.

And today we were taught a lesson. That sometimes things just go as they should go. You see a book you like. You order the book you like. You pay the book you like. You receive a confirmation that they received the payment for the book you like. You receive another message saying your book will be sent to you.

But after four days we got worried.

After fourten days we got worrieder. Or more worried. After fourtwenty days we emailed the company and got an automatic reply that it was extremely busy and that they would get back to us within 48 hours.

And that they were not available by telephone, in order to keep the cost of their service low.

And that we should NOT send another email because that would add to the process of them getting back to us.

And when it was almost thirty days we gave up on the book. And almost gave up on faith in all humankind. But then it came!

The book we saw. The book we wanted! The book we ordered! The book we paid. The book that was shipped. To us!

Goes to show. Wait for it. Things may all come together. Just like things are supposed to.