I feel fat, Candy said.

I can’t even stand on my legs, so heavy I feel, Candy said.

Especially my tummy.For a couple of months now.

And lately this little flap hurts.Whut?! There is something inside of this flap, Pota!

Huh? What is this.. fatness came out of me? It looks like me, and I feel fat, so this must be a part of me, I call it fat.

How could we explain the concept of birth to a sheep who even doesn’t understand that the way she perceives herself is not conform reality? But we also couldn’t let this little new born sheepy carry a label that would forever be heavier than the implication itself.

So we just told Candy a couple of unrelated things. The first thing we said was that she was not fat. The second thing we said wat that this is a little sheepy, in her image.

She’s cute! Candy exclaimed. I hope she stays around, because I like her.

And when the little sheep heard her mother’s words, she tried mimicking her mother’s behavior, by waving. Her first steps made her mother so proud. In seeing the little sheepies’ walking, her mother saw an inquisitiveness that she recognized as her own.This definitely is a sheep made in my image, Candy said, and she doesn’t look fat at all!