What would I tell her if I would have just a minute..

Would I say nothing and just syncronize with her breath? Seeing how her smile unfolds with the same width as mine, having he near me for that full sixty seconds that I have.

Or would I kiss her so often that the sound of my lips on her cheeks would awaken the sixty butterflies that had been waiting to be freed?

Would I knock her off her feet the way she did me when she entered her sixty seconds with me?

eh.. move on you guys

Would I enjoy her company and promise sixty ways of me never leaving her side, promising to be there for her in all the adjectives that she saw her life wrapped in, promising to hold her in all the ways that we have possibilities to describe curves, promising to be her friend no mäh what happens, even if that mäh happens sixty times?

Would I use my sixty seconds to take her to town, to show her the ropes, to wine her, dine her, feed her and weed her, take her dancing, twirling, spin her around sixty times?

Or would I choose to just go nuts with her as I am nuts about her? Ask her to stop time so can I stay frozen in that first of sixty seconds that we took off?

I can’t choose, I just can’t choose. You are way too awesome to spend just sixty seconds with. I don’t know which of my five senses I should set on the throne of my heart to make you my queen. You are just too much, too awesome!

Liselle thought the same of Ben. She found him awesome too. Especially the way he couldn’t decide to love her. She did hope thought he would make the best of those sixty seconds and in order to do so, she put her best eh… hoof forward.

Oh, wait, this is her best hoof.

That’s some nice hoofwear you got on, lovely Liselle, Ben said.

Can I see them closer-up?

Liselle didn’t know what to think of this sudden hoof fettish. Didn’t Ben know he had sixty seconds to spend? Was this the way he was going to spend it? Smelling her feet?

Ben, she dared asking, what are you doing?

I know how to spend my sixty seconds, he said. I am going to exchange the sixty seconds for sixty inches and with that much inches I can love you from hoof to nose and back again.

Liselle got excited. She had never heard of inches, let alone that she know how long 60 inch was, but the prospect and the promise of being loved from hoof to nose and back again sounded exactly what she needed in her sixty seconds. Ready, set, love!