Little Jomo hadn’t been so little any more. His mother knew that. But both of them still really enjoyed huddling and cuddling with each other. It was times like this that Lovely was reminded of when she was young, cuddling with her dad.I wish I could cuddle so intensely that I would disappear in you, Jomo said. He was trying to find words for that feeling of not wanting love to stop flowing. He didn’t understand that in the same way that pushing an elevator button harder or more than once doesn’t have any effect on the arrival of the elevator, he couldn’t fathom the concept of love being so ungraspable, that the only thing you could do is be open to be held. Can’t we just try? I till think there is space for me inside of you, Jomo said.

The no of his mother wouldn’t have made any difference, for Jomo had to experience with his own skin what the boundaries of love were. She chuckled a little at his trying. You are way too big to disappear, she said. Whether it is in me, or in life! Besides, Lovely said, if you are in my belly again, I can’t cuddle you any more, and neither can you cuddle me. Then we would be so closely folded together that both of us are losing out on individuality. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Okay, that’s enough now, she said. It really doesn’t fit any more. Because of me AND because of you. I am not made to carry big sheep, I am made to carry little tiny ewes. You are a bigger tiny ewe, you wouldn’t want to go back to barely being able to stand on all fours, wouldn’t you?Jomo remembered those days, it was pretty embarassing, the stumbling he portrayed when he just fell from the womb, being snickered at by the bigger tiny ewe lambs who just made their first frolic. But what can I do then, Jomo said, to express how much I love cuddling with you? You can sit on my left hoof, Lovely replied. You can sit on my left leg, she said. But Jomo was off again. He had something else in mind. Something new. Something better. If I can’t disappear in you, he said, I sure can disappear behind you!And there he went again. This is getting ridiculous, Lovely thought, he is too big for life, he can’t disappear. Then Lovely heard some mumbling behind her. Jomo got stuck between her and the sheep blanket. She also felt some hoofs against her face.Nobody will believe you’re actually gone, Jomo, Lovely said. I can still hear your mumbling, I have your smelling hoofs against my ear. Now stop acting like a tiny ewe lamb and act like the bigger ewe lamb you are!But Jomo actually disappeared. Whut? Where? How? Yep. Gone. Like he wanted. Like he asked. Like he promised. I should have let him disappear in me, Lovely said. Because then I would always know where he was. My sheepness, what have I done.. I wish he had disappeared in me.. Really??