We tried to get sheep to make sense of a couple of Dutch sayings. But seeing an idiom doesn’t make one understand it.

1. To fall into the house together with the door
– meaning: coming straight to the point

2. To sit with your mouth full of teeth
– meaning: not being able to utter a word at your defense

3. To take the leg-van
– meaning: to go by car

4. Now my wooden shoe breaks
– meaning: I would have never expected this! (and am sitting with my mout full of teeth)

5. I feel chicken-delicious!
– meaning: I feel totally fit and well 6. As if an angel is peeing on your tongue
– meaning: this just tastes so amazingly delicious 7. Too bad, peanut butter
– meaning: too bad 8. I wouldn’t mind eating a biscuit with her
– I wouldn’t mind having sex with her