Sheep have a different way of counting the days of the week. What we see as a Sunday, hasn’t woken up yet untill sheep wake up. And if they keep snoring, the day just waits until they get up.

And getting up usually takes Sheebo a second or two.

First because he sleeps with his hoodie on and second when he notices a camera, he wants to pose.

This isn’t him being awake, so you know. This is just the same pose, but then defying gravity. So, it still isn’t Sunday, Sheebo! Unpretzel your legs, good. Now the ears and hoodie? Ears. Okay. Hoodie. Check. But what’s with the weird ears now?Better. Ears should never defy gravity either. Sheebo had heard of a special trick, to call the day into being. He had heard that we drank coffee. Of course he wanted to try what that was like. And he indulged himself fully in the black gold we never called black gold. Just call things by their name. Woah, Sheebo said, I can really lean into this boost that I just received. It makes me able to stand upright immediately, I’d say, let the day begin, I am up!

Up, up up, I say, Sheebo said, not realizing that he drank a little bit too much for his own good.

I give this day a new name, now that it’s up and now that I am up, and UP and Up!Our sheepness, this was turning out to be a hyped-up sheep for the rest of our day, and we got some work to do in the garden, the yard and the balcony. I am up, Pota, I can help! I can help you out, help you up, UP! Up?