How to live up to a tittle of a story that doesn’t give any direction to two female sheep who got dressed for an occasion they never entered? Rosa saw Lovelynn and Lovelynn saw Rosa. They recognized some similarities. They were both friendly in nature, a bit on the boyish side. Don’t mess with them. And as it turned out, don’t dress them as girls either.

The same feeling you get when all of a sudden you made a wrong turn into a neighborhood didn’t you foresee on the Dallas-map as being thuggish, because they just named it Oakcliff, the same feeling these two sheep gave us, when -for one of the first times- the order in which we shot the pictures turned out not to be the order they wanted to write a story with. When these to get moving, it’s more than a walk around the park.

But as we did continue to drive the wrong side of a choice, seeing South Oak Cliff Boulevard through to the end, we also figured what would have happened if we just wrote the story that was in OUR head. We would have seen these two female sheep being friendly, first of all. And the secondly and thirdly would come from it. They would have started to show an audience how much they looked alike, both with something pink in their hair.

The one sheep acknowledging this truth for the other.And the other sheep acknowledge it for the one.    They would have misbehaved, since we did drive through to where we could turn to the right on West Clarendon Drive. They would have misbehaved the same way two boys living on that corner would have done if they wanted to make headlines. The girls lifted up their shirts in their misbehavement.  The one started with the behavior and the other followed the one. Then the one would have bent over backwards, showing more uplifting of skirts. And the other would have followed the one doing the same. But, as is always the case with driving through Oak Cliff, there is a place where thugs just draw the line. This line wasn’t just on the map, this line was for Rosa when she saw Lovelynn fall over in her uplifting of skirts. This was just too much of misbehavement. So she helped Lovelynn get back up on her feet.

And folded down the hem of her dress. Yes. We should have known. We should have let these two drive and steer us into reverence thug. Because what happens when you take the outer sheep for a direct blueprint of what’s inside of them..

.. you end up with two sheep feeling totally misunderstood.   They were right, we needed to follow them, knowing it wouldn’t be a walk around the park.