To have a balanced flock you must have at least one sheep wearing a veil, the same way you can’t bake a cake without flour. Or butter. Or sugar. A veiled sheep symbolizes future hope (cake symbolizes nothing, though). Veilings are woven from fabric where each thread writes the word ‘uncover’.

“The words, that lifted up the veil..

..embroidered her to say I do.. him, until she realized.. ..this was a sheep she never knew.”

She had always been ready. She even had a belly button to show for. Not many sheep could pull this off (nor did they have dresses to pull up). When I say I do that day...
And he sings to ears so sweet..

..Does his veil too go away..
Reading: I am yours now, your help-meet?

My dearest mäh. That day will come.. ..I promise someday you will meet.. ..That heartshaped sheep that fills your void.. ..One who doesn’t have cold feet.