We found dream sheep in his unusual ponderings. At first it looked as if he was sad. And we thought: how much would sadness weigh if it was packed in a sheep. Would it even look like a sheep? Would it even weigh anything? Where did sadness reside if it wasn’t fully dwelling in him? Did it live in us? Can we hug sadness to feel better?

(can we just love you between brackets?)

But as it turned out, dream sheep wasn’t sad. He had overheard a conversation in somesheep’s dream, that ended with something that sounded like ‘what happens after you die.’ He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to take other sheep’s thoughts and walk with it, nor was he sure if thoughts that are awake during a sleep are to be taken seriously, the same reason that dead end roads are exactly built for its purpose.

(can we just tell you between brackets that you are the best thing that ever happened to us?)

‘Hey you’, we tried, ‘thoughts can be just thoughts, okay? You don’t actually have to think them.’

(if brackets are like whispering, this is us adoring you in silence)

But something did weigh on dream sheep. His head was so full of what he overheard, that he couldn’t even hold his head up. He immediately understood why the advise to keep your head up never works with others, because if your head is just too full, the better advise would be to say to delete a couple of those thoughts. But even that was too much of a thought to hold on to, he just fell full. What happens after I die, he pondered. The thought of dying never really walked with him in life. Usually he walked alone, or with others. But never with a thought like that. Sometimes thoughts can be the silent pause between two very important words, he said. How do I know what is true?

(you are amazing and wonderful)

To discover what is actually true we gave dream sheep a glass bath tub. Both of us knew it was actually a vase, but since truth and facts are not the same, calling a vase a bath is not disturbing enough to change opinions on what we both decided this was.

(we will always love you)

We filled the bath tub with water.

Warm water, yes?  

Of course it was warm water. If a mother bathes her baby in lukewarm water, why would a herder not follow the temperature of his heart? We told dream sheep to blow upon the face of the water. When you blow in just the perfect timbre, the water surface will break, and the broken water will stay broken and hold itself together like that.

This is what we hoped to see. Broken water!

Is there more inside? dream sheep asked rhetorically and dove in deep.

There turned out to be no brokenness inside of brokenness, no.

Dream sheep stepped into the glass bathtub with warm water and brokenness. 

And the more he moved..

..the more he broke the water. He had so much fun that he finally could hear everything we had been saying to him in brackets before we bathed him. The longer he heard us talk, the more water and brokenness he absorbed.

..until he almost absorbed everything that had been in the glass bathtub.

This is what I meant earlier, Pota, dream sheep said. I feel full of the thoughts that I overheard some sheep dream out loud. There is a difference though, I also feel clean. But still full.


Dry me..!

And so we did. We blowdried dream sheep. 

We blowdried his hair first. 

And the longer we blowdried him, the wetter the towel got. Dream sheep look at it with surprise. This was all coming out of him?? He wasn’t even peeing, he just sat and things got wet. But the cleanness that was inside of him didn’t leave him. It was just the heaviness that dripped to the outside.

‘This is what happens after you dry’, we told dream sheep. ‘The brokenness that you created in the water you were born in the first time, became the cleanness that you now feel. And that heavy water will leave with time.’

‘You asked a question earlier’, we said. ‘Do you still want to know the answer to that question?’

I think I misheard the dream, sheep said. I think the dream said: what happens after you dry.

‘And do you want to know the answer to that question?

Yes please.

‘After you dry, you dress.’