When it turned weekend, sheep saw but one option.

The option that he saw, was to ice dance through the day. The last days had been incredibly cold, even the hash tag showmageddon appeared online. So what do you do when things are slippery? You come up with moves that make you look in control when you go skating.

We would recommend this move if you lose your balance putting on your skates. It also gives you that extra check if your jacket isn’t zipped too tight.

This move can combine a couple of things in one go : check the time, check out that cute girl, and hide the hesitation if you would have been better off staying at home because it’s really cold.

This move can be made for putting on that other jacket if the former was indeed too tight. Or for showing the jacket to others for sale if you don’t want to wear it yourself.

This move hides the fact that you forgot to pee. It makes you look smart and sheep will think you are amazingly comfortable being by yourself.

We would recommend this move ONLY if you have seen others do it. You will find out why.

This move is highly unusual for boy sheep and can easily be mistaken for something else. Try to avoid this move, no matter how old you are, even if you have to pee. (By the way: there is another move for hiding the fact that you forgot to pee)

To do this move, you have to be comfortable with the ice for a little longer. Better do this move when you’re at home.

The other sheep will LOVE you for this move. It shows your dominance, your incredible balance and swag, and the number underneath your hoof. A general move if you don’t want to stand out.

A specific move if you don’t want to blend in.

And the last move: This one is done after skating sessions. Recommended to do this either on the grass or a blanket.