What I decided to teach my little mäh?

My little mäh just happened to me, to be honest with you. I didn’t set out with a list of things or skills that I wanted to teach him. I think the best learning is done outside of gathering and retaining and spilling knowledge. If I had known in advance that I should not swallow and breathe at the same time, I would have never gotten to eat. I just learned to eat because I was hungry.

I would want my little mäh to appreciate little things. That one day he would walk in a forrest and think himself rich because all of his senses working together, producing  more than the sum of their part to overwhelm him with happiness because of where he is, and with whom. Can I achieve that by walking with him myself? Should I buy him a couple of trees?

I would want my little mäh to feel loved unconditionally by the two sheep he was born under, surrounded by the sibling and family sheep he was surrounded and familiarized with, feeling so safe that he needn’t grow one wrinkle in his face wondering the opposite. Can I achieve that by loving him unconditionally myself? By giving him siblings?

I would want my little mäh to stand proudly on all twos, or on all fours. Should I stand like that myself? Or teach him to count?

To be honest with you, I am not sure if I am the right sheep to be doing this, you know.. having a little mäh under my wing.. or eh.. hoof. What will become of him?

Maybe later in life the little mäh will remember how I swung him around, holding him by his limbs. Will that stick to him, and will that part of him never really grow up and be a blessing to others who sadly did? 

Will he remember how we would walk around, with him sitting on my foot, holding on for dear life? Will that mold him into a sheep that has the ability to hold on TIGHT and love HARD? Will I remember his gravity?

Will he remember how he in so many ways looked like me when he was young? 

Will he remember all the times that I did have his back, even though he never saw or felt it? Will he then finally see that when people saw him, they saw the greatness of me behind him, backing him up?

What can I teach him, since I am but a sheep myself.

I hope, Pota, that you will give me the honor of not raising this sheep, because I myself am a sheep, and I need a herder myself first. The thought of building a legacy of values stops me in my tracks, and shows me I am not grown myself. What can I give the little mäh but a peek of the world from my point of view, sitting on my shoulders. He would be as silent in certain situations as I am. Is that enough? Does a little mäh only need air, food, water and time to grow up?

Will I ever walk him down the isle? Would I then first have to show him what marriage is?

Will he remember how I deliberately almost never went to a dictionary to find out about things in life, but converse in him, to pick his brain, talking for example about the difference or connectedness between selective bias and cognitive dissonance. Will he then learn about these two concepts? Or will he think of engaging others in the future like this?

Will he remember that both of us look like dorks with a hoodie on? Or will the both of us not hear this memory because our ears are covered underneath a dorky hoodie? And why did nosheep tell us this?

All the learnings in life don’t compare or sum up to the experience of ‘him and me’, regardless of a raising or teaching issue. I love him for life. He makes my pupils widen every time I see him. His love for life affirms my waking up in the morning. I can’t wait until he starts remembering who I am.