Sheep calendar 2017

The fifth edition of the Potamotrygorgeous sheep calendar 2017 is sold out. This early already? Yes.

To give you an impression of our work, these are the pictures that we shot for previous calendars


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4 thoughts on “Sheep calendar 2017”

  1. Teddy rtoo gillespie said:

    Omg i would love a calendar and I will love to know how must, sending hugs xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. @ Teddy, jaay, so glad you like our calendar!! In october we will be releasing the fourth edition of our sheepy calender for 2016. We will keep you posted on that one via Facebook 🙂

  3. Anonymous said:

    Hi Potamotrygorgeous,

    Love greetings from Duisburg. We have already e-mailed you because of Mähländer 2017. We would like to buy one for the coming year.

    Best regards H + H

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