Sheepspiration. Seven-hundred-one



Sock it to me

“Can I borrow a kiss?”, Ben said to dreamsheep. “I promise to give it back.”

“Borrow? Promise? What’s up with these words? Not everything you can speak into existence. Borrow doesn’t exist without matter. A promise doesn’t exist without actions. I don’t see you having anything. I don’t see you doing anything. I am going to wait this one out, I think. I am a distinguished sheep today.”

“Pota, can you help me? I want to give this chick, eh,.. this chique.. this sheep a kiss, but I don’t know how to do that. Just pecking her on the mouth is overdoing it way too much. I need to be, you now, make her laugh, because when a female sheep giggles, you’re solid.”

So we helped out. With socks. This is maybe not what Ben wanted, but it was what he needed. The word isn’t needy for nothing. Otherwise there would also be a wanty. And that is just not in the dictionary.

“What are these?” Dreamsheep asked.
“Mine,” Ben said.

“Mine?” Dreamsheep said. “What is mine?”
“No, these are for me, from me. They are an answer to a question,” Ben replied.

“I have never seen an answer”, Dreamsheep said. “Why is an answer black and long?”
Ben hoped he could do something with this gift, before dreamsheep made him feel inadequate for not being able to answer her questions. He had enough going on with himself, asking Pota a question and receiving these cotton black snakes. All he wanted was to kiss her, and now the whole thing turned into some sort of clothing experiment?

“Idzhzt ewuntd tukizzme” Dreamsheep said.
Yeah, Ben still wanted to kiss her, but eh.. how then?

“I got it!” Ben said.

“I can actually wear these”, Ben said.

“You can? Then what?”

“Hihihi, this sheep is just crazy!” Dreamsheep even fell over from laughing. Being in this position Ben was almost sorry that he only said he wanted to kiss her.
“Haha, got the female sheep giggling already,” he thought, “phase one complete!”

“Just watch” he said. “I know they are a bit long, but these socks were exactly what I needed, not wanted, but needed.”

“You’re quite the sheep in these”, Dreamsheep said. “I always thought it was our duty to frolic barefoot, but these cotton tentacles somehow suit you. They don’t fit, but they suit.”

“They don’t fit for a reason,” Ben said. “Come closer and I will show you the reason.”

“It’s not the socks, it’s you. You fit me perfectly.”

“Now how about that kiss?”