Sheepspiration. Seven-hundred-fifty-four



Out now: calendar 2018

Sheep for life, right? Right.
This year we didn’t feel making a calendar for the new year, only to find our flock  spurring us to put our own feelings aside and do make a calendar for the upcoming year. Feelings are fickle, they said. Feelings are just visitors. And sheep are for life. We feel comforted and carried by the ones we lead. We are proud to be their herder, because of followers, you are a leader, so a big shout out to Jomo and Jomo who worked together perfectly to take you through the upcoming year. Thank you so much to our flock.

You can order now.. the calendar costs 12,50 euro.., (plus shipping, depending where you live).

Size 27.9 x 21.6 cm
Printed on glossy paper 200 g/m²
Price per 1 piece = 12,50 euro (+ postage). Payment in euro via PayPal or bank.
Order: via PM via FaceBook or leave a message with your email address below.
Shipment is worldwide.