The swan – project 2015


2015 is the year of the sheep!

We proudly present to you: sheep without a name, or ‘swan’ for short. Without a name.. but only for a short while, because swan is yours! The only thing we do is make him or her, home and custom make them, and we leave the herding up to you.

Swan comes with hoodie and incredibly soft sweater and has a unique personality, especially designed to live with you and you alone. During the making (s)he already knows you and when we send this sheep to you, there is always something in the box that the sheep requested to have along for the ride.

We have no swans in stock, we make them by request only. This way you have your own unique swan, customized even if you want by choosing a different color sweater or let yourself be surprised by what (s)he wears!

No profit is made with swan. We do this because this year is the year of the sheep and we wish everyone to be infected by sheepy love.
You pay only for material (30 euro) and transport (from 9 euro and up, depending on transport destination).

We ship world wide.
Payment safe and quick via PayPal.
Inquiry via Facebook (Potamotrygorgeous Mäh) or leave a message below.

At the moment these are the colors sweater that we have.

sweater colors

Are you interested in treating yourself to something that is unique in the world? Love life, hug a sheep! We are always available on Facebook or via this weblog.


3 thoughts on “The swan – project 2015”

  1. Froschn said:

    This is so great. I would like one, but I have to safe money first. Froschn Weissenberger

  2. @Frosch: it would be awesome if one swan would live along your frogs! Just let us know, whenever you are ready,.. we have time 🙂

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