When Lovely wanted to greet the sun, she found a parcel outside on the balcony.

Bob is showing how big the box really is.

This was a bit of a scare, because Lucy Mah was totally wrapped in plastic. It’s weird to see such lovely sheep so wrapped in unnatural fabric. Lovely and Bob hurried to get her out of the box. They were worried that she couldn’t breathe like this.


Quickly they took the plastic off. This was quite a task, because Lucy Mah was bigger than they were.

She doesn’t seem that big, but together with Rosa this Lucy Mah is the biggest of the herd at the moment. From head to toe, here we have 50 cm of fluffiness and joy!

Lucy Mah helped to get the other sheep out of the box. Here we have Bob.

Here comes Elsa (with belly button!)

And here’s Elsa’s brother Gustav. Lucy Mah is feeling like a gynaecologist by now.

There were also two little babies for Bob and Lovely.

Our flock is completing ever more. We are very happy to also welcome Sven and Svenja 15cm; they are not in the picture, because we still have to get used to them. Okay, okay, here they are as well: