Bliss over tranquility tapes

We found couch-sheep asking Pota, what is bliss? According to couch-sheep the dictionary says that it is supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment. But for him that is just trading letters, because the dictionary then says joy is the emotion of great delight, and delight is a high degree of gratification, and gratification is the fulfilment of a desire, well.. we think we know where this is going. Can we trace it back to one beginning, he asks? To one root? Does everything spring from one thing, like the leafs of the tree all get their feeding from the same trunk? Regardless of the season the tree is in or of the color of the leafs? Will there be a tracing back to an utter beginning that is so much the truth that it goes beyond definition, he asks? Can something be so true that it becomes ungraspable? Or so huge that it overflows your imagination, or your urge to contain it? Is that what bliss is perhaps?

We asked a question in return. When he woke up this morning, no.. wait.., we just tell him about it. He firstly didn’t quite understand the question. ‘When I woke up, you mean?’ he asked. ‘I woke up’.
More. Tell me more, we urged him. Go back, couch sheep.

‘Eh, I was asleep?’
No, we said, in between that.
‘Pota, there is no word for that.’

So we asked couch sheep the question: There is no word for it or you don’t have a word for it? Because you can’t name it, it doesn’t exist? Or it’s not true? Because if so, let’s turn it around and kill emotions by keeping mouths shut. If you don’t talk about it, it isn’t there? You can’t go play hide and seek if you cover your own eyes, thinking you’re invisible, you know. Tell me about the in between that.

‘Well..,’ couch sheep said, ‘there is this tiny shade between asleep and awake. It’s like you’re both at the same time, but you only realize this when you realize you’re awake. And at the same time this gives the instant possibility of stepping back into knowing you’re dreaming, but then again not fully. It’s the utter yes and no combined. It’s the first shade the blinds give when the sun comes up. It’s like the sun lifts up one of your lashes to tell you she’s about to shine in your life. As if the sun will hold her rays until you acknowledge her. That moment is the best moment in your whole being, it’s full-body, it’s not from hoof to ear only, but also from birth till now, and it is captured in every movement you ever made, packed into you lying motionless in your bed that second, it’s the same when you gradually warm the water you were bathing in, you don’t feel it and at the same time you do.’

Hmm.. turned out that couch sheep did have the words for it.

But oh, couch sheep wasn’t done yet. He mentioned that moment, when all worldly concepts haven’t blossomed in your face yet, yellow has no meaning, nor a reason to make sense to a daffodil, nor define or constrain her, that moment when you know your taste buds are soon to be up and about and scurrying for sugar spikes, salty rocks, whiffs of coffee, as if they are proposing to your nostrils, knowing their no will be a yes. And in that moment you know you are lying next to the mäh of your life. You haven’t even seen him, nor felt him, nor smelled him, nor heard him. You noticed him with a totally different part of your being, nothing to do with sheep senses, it is outside the waking state even. It was the sense of the soul.. where wordless truths take over life, whispering something to you, as if little sail boats are packed and ready to travel the world, as if you are Columbus yourself, or his brother, knowing there is this unknown world you already traveled and then again also not..

That moment..


.. that’s is bliss.











the greatest

Who’s teaching who. That was the first and only thing that came to mind that captured it all when we watched these two sheep sit still. Now who’s teaching who. You base your answer on what? Both have their eyes fixated on each other so that doesn’t see through the veil of vagueness. Both have an open posture, facing one another, so that also doesn’t give you a clue. Both are smiling. Both are fluffy. Both are sheep. Both are male.. well.. that could be debated, let’s keep it with the pre-latter then, both are sheep. Both are quiet. Both are awake. Both are in the same picture. But still you see there is teaching.. don’t you? So we ask you: who’s teaching who?

First we thought Sheebo is perhaps teaching Ben because we catch Ben looking intensely at him, bending forward a little towards even. Is it possible that a little sheep teaches a bigger one? What could a little sheep possibly have to say, or teach? Wouldn’t there be a distance created if this little sheep was wiser? Or isn’t the fact that you can teach make you automatically wiser? Can you be wise on certain aspects and not-wise on other aspects? Would you be able to discern when you heard wisdom? Would you be humble enough to accept wisdom if it came from somesheep who was not-wise in certain situations? Or just smaller than you? Younger? Would you be offended by wisdom?

Or is Ben teaching Sheebo because he is taller? But that is just a matter of length,  none to do with his own accomplishments. He can’t make himself grow. He couldn’t even stand up himself, he needed the wall to do that.

And the only thing he can do, is stand up, Sheebo can do that too (do try this at home, we dare you to make your Sheebo stand up like that, without a wall to back your back, make it a chore in life, a purpose even: take your Sheebo as a substitute for anything in your life you feel is too small in comparison to something else and watch what happens if you almost disappear in the patience that you will need to make this happen, there’s total freedom if you choose to do something!).

And what’s the use in making yourself taller anyway, it also increases the distance between you and the other. But on a side note, when little sheep stand up, it’s quite the experience.

So we’re left with still not knowing who was teaching who. Can it be that teaching is only an instrument of something bigger and that a sheep offers himself to speak it, and therefore acts as a vessel, the same way the lips don’t speak truths, nor lies, they only offer a way out, because truths come from the heart. And that way, a sheep doesn’t teach, but just opens op, like the first gasp a newborn baby takes when he enters the world. One gasp opens the lungs and puts them in function. From then on they help the lips, even when you whisper truths.

The world is not upside down because you perceive it to be so. The truth will be the truth, even if nobody believes in it.

And you know what? What if the question wasn’t even valid? Wouldn’t you rather have known what was being taught, rather than who? Speak the truth, no matter how insignificant you THINK you are. Because the truth will always be greater than that. And that’s the wall you can lean against.