Sheepspiration. Eight-hundred-thirty-seven



Is punishment only useful when it has an ending?

Sheep sang:

Every single night I’m with a different man
Who would’ve knew that life could give such shallow plan
I’m reminiscing, missing everything we were
So I could be with you, but I still think him there
It’s crazy how we don’t even talk
And I still think of you in every single place that I walk
In my home, in my city, I guess you left a mark
Ain’t it funny how you miss the
Brightest time when it’s dark?
But the mäh of my life just turn into anonymous
So now you’re a strange sheep that I don’t wanna miss
A stranger with all his wool in my laundry bin
All of his socks, sweaters, and cardigans
I should throw ’em out, I should just forget it
The past can only hurt you if you let it
But I let it, ’cause I’m still about you
Life is flocking crazy, but it’s crazier without you