Sheep, this is for you, the stumbling sheep. The sheep for whom a yesterday can look like a tocomeday. The sheep that can alternate between stand by and watch, not realising that those building blocks usually need each other in order to not tumble over, even tho they don’t cause the other to exist. The sheep that by the same token needs to change the word addiction into grace.

The sheep that needs blocks first, in order to build, but can’t look beyond the mess God makes by emptying His box of work on your living floor. The sheep that needs to experience the full potential of a kite with a rope attached to it, and needs to understand that the rope does not hinder the kite but rather gives it direction and speed. The sheep that needs to move away from the house he received years ago, but wasn’t his to begin with, the house he wallpapered with lies, which weren’t his either, which is why we call them lies, the house that kept him trapped in his potential, the house that was built on sand.